Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Today's Snack is Hummus on Pita

I love to snack--in front of the computer and TV, when I'm reading, typing, studying, driving, daydreaming. I snack whenever and wherever. For this reason I hate crumbly food. They can be a bitch to clean if you don't watch out for where you're eating. I once end up with apple crust all over my chest after browsing tastespotting.com.

The lesson I learned from experience is to pick a crumb-less snack. I'll save pies and biscuits for better times.

My snack preference led to my recent addiction over hummus. What can go wrong with a thick bean paste and a sturdy piece of pita? One cane of garbanzo beans made enough hummus for me to snack on for the last three days.

Roasted garlic hummus on pita

I can't remember when is the last time I made hummus. I think it was when I first got my Vitamix. I followed the Vitamix recipe and made a white sesame hummus. This time I roasted some garlics and blend it along with some chilly pepper. I also squirt some honey during the blending process to balance the savory flavor.

This is the recipe that I used. They are all very standard ingredients. I wonder what spices are used in a traditional hummus? You'll see an update soon because hummus is unlikely to go away anytime soon because midterms are coming up. I need my lovely crumb-less hummus & pita to fuel me through all-nighters!

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