Friday, March 30, 2012

Teriyaki Chicken 照燒雞

Teriyaki is such an easy sauce to make. I didn't know that until I made it myself. The ingredients can be a little hard to get, but if you have a Chinese supermarket, I'm sure they will carry mirin, michiu, and soy sauce.

First off, there are two types of alcohol in this sauce: mirin and mijiu. Mirin is a Japanese sweet rice wine. Whenever your dish needs a little kick on the sweet side, use mirin. On the other hand, michiu--a Taiwanese rice wine, brings out the flavor of the meat.

These are the three main ingredients you will need from left to right--mirin, michiu, soy sauce
I guess the alcohol is optional. As long as you have a really flavorful soy sauce, you can forgo the flavor that mirin and michiu give you.

So here is the ingredients and simple step-by-step instruction:

If you use chicken breast or chicken leg and the skin is still attached, you can leave out the oil in the first step. You will get a lot a lot a lot of oil from the chicken skin when you put your meat in the pan. 

Before you start cooking though, you can prepare some rice, noodle, or burger buns. I always keep leftover rices in the fridge in case I spontaneously need rice. If you have sandwich bread ready or better burger buns, toast them in the oven with some butter. When the chicken is done, layer it with lettuce, tomato and mayo to make yourself a teriyaki chicken burger!

You can use the sauce recipe to make any teriyaki dish, like teriyaki salmon, teriyaki broccoli, or teriyaki patty. If you are cooking for more people, simply double the recipe. Just remember that sugar and mirin are half the portion of soy sauce, water, and michiu.

The sauce is almost done at this stage

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