Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sweet Potato Corn Bread

Mini corn bread to share

The Farm of Beverly Hills serve the best table bread. Their corn bread melts in your mouth. It goes so well with this sweetened butter that comes with the bread. I am always tempted to run away with a basket of corn bread and order nothing from the restaurant.

I found a savior recipe that would save me from a trip to The Farm--no more over spending on corn bread, ha! Unlike The Farm, this recipe makes a slightly drier corn bread and not as buttery, but it a deeper corn flavor. Maybe the corn flavor comes with the quality of your cornmeal.

I made my own cornmeal by blending pre-popped corns in my Vitamix. Boy was it loud when I turned the Vitamix on. I was wondering if the blade will cut through those stubborn little thing. After five minutes of on and off blending, I got a bag of cream colored cornmeal!

Now on to baking: get all the ingredients measured and melt the butter in your microwave. Next peel, cut, and boil one sweet potatoes for 5 minutes. Cool them in a bath water after you take them out from their hot bath, and don't forget to drain the potato again before you incorporate them into your batter.

Instead of baking them in a square pan, I baked them in cupcake liners. It's just easier to share with friends. I did have some leftovers which I baked in a mini loaf pan. The cornbread from the loaf pan is more moist than the cupcakes. If you want muffin corn breads, only bake for 15 minutes to retain the same level of moisture.

Another note is, sweet potato is optional. I had one on my hand and didn't know what to do with it.

Corn bread anytime!

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