Sunday, September 9, 2012

How was your weekend?

I had a not so good weekend, nothing too unfortunate happened though. Two parking citations for parking during street cleaning. Then made a semi-successful macaron this morning. The first tray came out cute and chubby with a thick skirt underneath--the best batch I have made so far. The second tray was a disaster. Only four cookies survived. The rest looked like volcanoes...pointy on the top with cracks running down the cookies and hollow on the inside. Later I made a great mistake filling macaron cookies with creme anglaise. The custard was too runny for the cookies to hold, so many tops slid off from the bottom half. Even so they made a sweet mess, and I got a sugar rush munching on ugly macarons.

Maybe it was the sugar crush. Something was wrong after the macarons. I was moody. I was irritated. I was anxious. I don't know why, but I felt blue. Then it all passed, just like the instant when macarons decide to develop little feet. Yup that fast before you even know it happened.

Creme Anglaise dripping off


  1. what is that "little feet" you're talking about ?

    1. i was referring to the skirt of bubbles at the bottom of the cookie...the ruffle part

  2. Aww... it`s okay! At least you`re practicing your macaron making!